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Flateyjarbók is the last great saga treasure that still hasn't been translated and published in its entirety in a modern language. In Norway, Saga Bok AS, a publishing company, has published three of five volumes, costing 1 000 000 USD. Here is an overview of what Flateyjarbok is, and the Norwegian edition and the artwork of artist Anders Kvåle Rue.



Flateybok is unique among Icelandic manuscripts for many reasons—it is the biggest, it is the most beautifully decorated, and we know the most about it. In this article, docent Elizabeth Ashman Rowe, Ph.D. explains more about the enigma that is Flateyjarbok and why it might have been created.

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modern EDITION

The most comprehensive and costly publishing project on the Sagas in modern times is undoubtedly Flatøybok. Leatherbound, illustrated with prefaces by Nordic heads of State, this is an unsurpassed saga edition published by the company Saga Bok located by the legendary Hafrsfjord in Norway.



Flateyjarbok features the original art of celebrated Norwegian artist Anders Kvåle Rue.