Anders Kvåle Rue, illustrator

Artist Anders Kvåle Rue in his studio.

Artist Anders Kvåle Rue in his studio.

“To me, having always envied the classical illustrators of Snorri’s Kings’ sagas, such as Werenskiold, Egedius, and so on, illustrating Flateyjarbok is as close to being a dream assignment as they come. This isn’t just a magnificent book, but it has a historical gravity and such a rich and unique content. The combined force of the different texts makes Flateyjarbok a uniqe source of knowledge, not just about our own story as a people going back to mythical times, via the Viking age and up to the medieval period, but also about a culture, a way of thinking and experiencing life that is now long gone.

The book itself, which has never before been translated from the original norse in its entirety, has never before been available for a general readership.

For the editors who will now help present these texts to a wide audience, this literary treasure demands not only meticulous and precise work, but also a great degree of spiritual engagement. This is true also for me as a visual communicator”

– Anders Kvåle Rue on his work with Flateyjarbok.