I wholeheartedly recommend supporting the publication of Flateyjarbok so that these stories, in the same way as Snorri's kings sagas, can become common property. 
- Inga Bolstad, Director General, The National Archives of Norway

28. October 2014 was a milestone in Nordic history, when the first volume of the important (...) saga text Flateyjarbok was published in Norwegian (...). I wholeheartedly recommend supporting the continued publication of Flateyjarbok (...) crucial in order to make available previously unknown
Norwegian history for posterity. 
- Jørn Holme, Director General, Norwegian Directorate of Cultural Heritage

Flateyjarbok is one of the most treasured Icelandic medieval manuscripts (...) This publication will make Flateyjarbok available to saga enthusiasts and new readers alike and hopefully increase public interest in the cultural heritage shared by Iceland and Norway.
- Hermann Ingólfsson, Iceland's ambassador to Norway

Saga Bok has undertaken a comprehensive and demanding task in publishing Flateyjarbok, and time is long overdue for this interesting text to be made available (...) in its entirety. 
- Professor Jon Gunnar Jørgensen, University of Oslo

[Flateyjarbok] is a highly relevant source of 14th century Icelandic worldview and culture.
A translation [...] will be of great value, both to scholars and readers in general.

I give this project my best endorsement.
- Professor emeritus Sverre Bagge, University of Bergen

The publication of Flateyjarbok is very valuable and an important addition to the understanding of Norwegian and Nordic cultural heritage. [Flateyjarbók's texts] are very distinguishable from other sagas, and are generally little known to the public and even amongst scholars of Norwegian medieval history, since there has never been a complete modern edition of the work.
In that regard it is incredibly important that the publication is completed in its entirety and I give my strongest support to any effort that can aid reaching that goal. 
- Professor Bjørn Kvalsvik Nicolaysen, University of Stavanger

Historical awareness is always an important instrument for gaining perspectives on the contemporary world. In a time of upheaval and change, such perspectives are incredibly important. A translation of Flateyjarbok will make available not only a saga treasure of literary importance, but also a glimpse into the social discourse connected to the emergence of the foundation of the state-based society which is currently challenged and moulded by transnationalization. As such I give my strongest endorsement to the modern publication of Flateyjarbok.
- Professor Jørn Øyrehagen Sunde, University of Bergen